An Affidavit of Contractor is a statement filled out by the Contractor and turned in to the owner under when final payment is due.  This affidavit typically includes verbiage that all potential Lienors have been paid and the Contractor’s notarized signature. If the waiver form is ‘Unconditional’ that means it is an absolute statement in and of itself legally stating that a contractor and/or his subcontractors or material suppliers have been paid their full contract amount. If the waiver form is ‘conditional’ that means it is contingent upon also showing proof of final payment (check stub, bank statement, etc) showing the payment was made to the lower tiered vendor. Project owners will almost always hold final payments and retainage amounts due until these affidavits are collected and submitted in full. With these documents, the owner can feel confident no vendors on the project have the legal right to file a lien against the project or property.