Just about any construction project will require temporary utilities of some sort. The most common are the following:

Temporary Electricity – This typically consists of a pole or a panel with outlets or other electrical connections for use by those requiring power on a construction site, i.e. temporary lighting, welders, wired power tools and equipment, etc.


Temporary Heat: If a building is going up through the winter months and prior to receiving permanent power and HVAC equipment, temporary heat will be required, commonly forced air kerosene or propane or electric fan heaters. Temporary heat is also required for concrete and masonry trades to maintain the temperature of material if they are performing their work in the winter months.



Temporary Toilets: Since a number of workers is typically employed on a construction project for a number of days or even months, portable toilets are required prior to the building receiving finish and operational plumbing.


Temporary Water: Water will be required for various reasons during the construction phase. If water isn’t available from an existing spicket, a provision will need to be made to get mass quantites of water to the jobsite, often by the nearest fire hydrant or a temporary water service line. If water service isn’t available to a site, construction will need to wait until service is provided or a nearby hydrant may need to be utilized.